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[Guide] Vcom CS GO - first steps

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  • Hello guys & girls.
    since some people have troubles with settings & etc. i though it would be a great idea for making guide about settings/installation.

    before going play rankeds check this

    So here we start.

    #1 Prepare your PC for Vcom:
    First of all we need latest .Net Framework.
    You can get it from here: Download Microsoft .Net Framework
    List of all released .Net Frameworks you can find here (just in case if you dont got .Net Framework and you cant jump directly to latest version without previous one):
    Microsoft .Net Framework all versions and compatibility
    #2 Download & Trouble Shooting before starting:

    before we get 2 next step we need vip subscription for CS:GO module. It costs only 9.99$ for 1 month.
    you can get it from same menu just click "Vcom Subscriptions", choose CS:GO Module Subscription
    Proceed payment via PayPal
    buy cs go hack

    Now we're ready to run Vcom.
    Download our from our forum that can be finded on top navigation bar.
    Before Download turn off BitDefender

    here is VirusTotal Scan result link:

    Vurus Total

    download cs go hack

    Create new folder somewhere on your PC and extract BigFatLoader.exe
    For avoiding troubles in future better add an exception in your antivirus software to folder where you extracted BigFatLoader.

    As next step just run BigFatLoader.exe as Administrator.
    It will automaticly search updates after its finished updating you'll be able to see our launcher's login form


    Put your login/pw that you have on our forum -> click Sign In
    #3 Configurate Settings:

    When you first time logged in Vcom you'll see something like this:

    vcom hacks

    Now we have to setup our path csgo -> click here:

    setup vcom

    In case if you have issues on this step then check this video:
    click here :3

    We need select steam.inf file inside of CS:GO Directory.
    Normaly its in this directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo

    Before pressing "Start Now!" do following:

    Start CS:GO
    then go Options -> Video Settings

    video settings

    Switch Display Mode -> Fullscreen Windowed otherwise you'll not be able to see draws.

    display mode

    This done to be able stream CS:GO on twitch & have all draws invisible on stream

    now we're done with Vcom Settings!

    avoid troubles always start csgo first otherwise maybe listening memory will be failed (i hope we get it fixed soon)

    Now press Start Now!

    start cs go hack

    yeah you can open cheat menu by holding Tab key :3

    If all done correctly we'll see something like this by pressing tab key
    cs go hack in game

    Ingame Functions:
    I hope this guide will help you a lot

  • realy nice guide helped me a lot <3


    • if you use windows 7 then you need sp1 to be able install latest version of framework
      if you have issue with updating your windows to sp1 then try to install .net framework 4.5.2 it should work also


      • thx for the guide


        • thank you for your tutorial


          • Nice tutorial!


            • sry for being such a noob, but when i pres tab i see the menu, and how can i change the options (for example if i hover over `aim target` and then on the left side pops up the option <body>) and how can i switch from body to head for example ? because if i go with the mouse to the left then the <body> dissapears :/ i feel like a first guy pc dude now -.-

              in the video, the popup is on the side of the menu and easily to access but for me.. the popup comes on the far left of the screen


              • hm... weird check private message


                • yes of course iam also not knowing about setting


                  • can i get vac


                    • FMJMarine
                      FMJMarine commented
                      Editing a comment
                      No, All of these Hacks stay up to date, And are ALWAYS undetectable

                  • esp doesnt work at me, why ? i have the fullscreen windowed and still doesnt work ?


                    • Originally posted by mihai289926 View Post
                      esp doesnt work at me, why ? i have the fullscreen windowed and still doesnt work ?
                      i checked in game, vcom still updated.
                      propably you have skipped a part with .net framework or your antivirus is blocking vcom


                      • I can't watch video,its not supported in my country


                        • added setup video guide, i hope it will show in your country also