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  • CS GO hacks

    here you can find informations regarding our undetected private cheats for game and some info about what actually wallhack, esp, aimbot and triggerbot are...

    Wallhack, Esp and Glows

    Why do they often get mixed up?

    Well a real wallhack makes wall textures transparency so you can see enemy's through walls.
    The main problem is that modifying game files as well as anything that could take screen shots/video from game makes you compensable.

    Next we have glowing enemy's.
    This method modifies memory to fake that you are in spectator mode. It's also not good because this could compromise you like previous the method.

    Then we have ESP and this is nothing other than a box around the enemy's with some extra info like health, nickname and etc. You are able to see them through walls, gives you more advantages. On technical side it's safest mode since it DOES NOT modify memory (only reads) and makes it possible to draw in extra window over game.
    By using ESP it makes it possible to stream your game via OBS and all draws will be invisible on stream.

    So technically they mean just a same thing:
    something that shows enemy's position through walls.

    This is really self-explanatory.
    It aims to target & presses fire. A problem is that it looks really obvious meaning you can get overwatch ban.
    To make it more safe – developers are adding some extra features like randomizing.
    For example shoot head then left arm then left leg ect. Anyway still easy to detect.

    It sounds complex but it is really simple. If enemy comes in your crosshair then it automatically fires your weapon.
    So its boosting your reaction time.
    On other side it can be really obvious so I don't recommend using this (only for experienced users).

    Aim Helper aka Legit Aim
    Like name already says its most safe aiming help.
    Let's take a look deeper what it actually is. This method only aims to enemy and doesn't shoot.
    You can configured mouse speed & hitbox.
    Anyway the main idea is to fake natural pro players =)

    Some Hacks in Vcom

  • I must admit, the ESP is the best "wall hack" method I have seen, I can still stream, as well as if I have friends around, I can broadcast my window to my TV, set my PC back, and play in style, no one knows any better. I honestly love this team, and all the work they have put into their client is just amazing.


    • Its not possible to watch video from Russia
      the rest is fine)