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  • Global Forum and our Software Rules

    1. The rights and obligations of the parties

    1.1 Big Fat Team can change this rules in any time without announcements.
    1.2 Users should keep track our rules for changes.
    1.3 Big Fat Team is allowed to cancel service access without explaining of reasons.
    1.4 Users take responsibility of their accounts and it doesnt metter who was acting using them.
    1.5 Users Accounts and their content are property of Big Fat Team.
    1.6 Big Fat Team is allowed to refuse service access to any user without explaining of reasons.
    1.7 Big Fat Team is allowed dont respond questions that are asked multiple times if answers does already exist.
    1.8 No refunds are accepted, any refund = ban

    2. Interaction with Big Fat Team

    2.1 Its not allowed to personly contact Big Fat Team without argumentativ reasons. Big Fat Team is allowed dont to answer your questions.
    2.2 Disrespectful attitude to Big Fat Team is forbidden.
    2.3 Following isnt allowed: threats, pleas, requests for something like addressed Big Fat Team at the forum.
    2.4 Its forbidden to interfere working of Big Fat Team
    2.5 Wrangling with Big Fat Team and challenging their actions isnt allowed.
    2.6 It is forbidden to mislead other users, by sounding Big Fat Team.
    2.7 Its not allowed to publicate interviews with Big Fat Team or their content without prior approval.
    2.8 Discussing of punishment that imposed by Big Fat Team isnt allowed.
    2.9 It is forbidden to spread rumors and slander the forum, products and Big Fat Team.

    3. Advertisment

    3.1 No posting/shouts about competing software.
    3.2 No posting/shouts about competing sites.
    3.3 No advertising services that are not approved on the forum. This includes posts / signatures / forum name.

    4. Posting any cracked soft/projects/scripts is not allowed!

    5. Shoutbox

    5.1 Only English allowed

  • Doing something against the rules will entail warning/ban.


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