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    Now I would like to tell how u can speed level.

    This is a list of which can be seen XP multiplier for each mode.

    Arms race - points are multiplied by 1
    Normal - x4
    Fight to the death - x0.2
    Destruction of object - x2

    Destruction - at first glance seems a good option. But it does not always play a lot of people, but game lasts long. Points are able to collect sufficiently small.

    Next, we consider normal. If you play one, not too experienced in those game, these mode you also do not advise. The game lasts 10 - 25 minutes on average. It's a rather long, pointless when you don't make at least 1-3 per round murder. But if you're in team - really know how play this game, dont hesitate to go play this one mode.

    Fight till death. It's good mode if you like dm. Here, game time - 10 mins. I advise everyone playing it. There really can consistently score of 400-600 points, and it's not bad. The most important thing in this mode does not stand still (so you lose valuable time), use the bonus weapons (it gives tons of points) and run around with weapons which are treating well.

    And the last one - arms race. Its also very good for us. Here main thing is be able handle various types of weapons and to understand how it works. For example, when you have a PP or shotgun is better 2 play at short and medium distances. For shotgun is generally better as much as possible get close to enemy, kill him with one shot. Assault rifles - fact suitable for all distances. But it is better in this case - keep average distance. Better comply with sniper rifles only long range.

  • Seems to rookie is not very friendly


    • Arms race is also pretty good to get used to every weapons


      • Imo, arms race is the one that is most fun to lvl up, and it actually goes pretty fast (+ you get decent weapon knowledge for most guns)