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    This is a translation of this topic:

    Blade and Soul Guide

    Hello guys, i just started playing Blade and Soul & got stuck with getting gold issue. I think its not only me cause you propably also need some money =)
    So the question is: Where can i get it, cause we need a lot of money. It's really hard getting a lot of blade and soul gold but still possible to do. Since our Big Fat BnS still in development - we have manuelly farm gold, there's at the moment no other solutions.

    Easy but boring way of farming money is doing those dailys. But finishing them all takes too much time, so we have to complete only:
    Yeti/ Scorpion dungeons
    Dark shark's bay of storms (waiting for bosses not necessary, we can spar some time)
    Mushin's Castle

    As next we have crafting system. We can stable farm some money daily just by crafting some shit cause u can get a lot of things only via crafting. Crafting guide will be soon... Not tm xD
    Also if u hate grind like me then you've to go into Yeti/ Scorpion dungeons. Here is possible lazy way farming.
    You can just go afk after entering this dungeon. Make some coffee or play league in window mode. Really important is not skip switching location to next one (with same party). Otherwise you'll not get any money from party, Auction house or possible items.

    Most profit makes "Yeti dungeon for 4 people party version"
    drop chance is also higher, sweet items also more :§
    this works only if you've enough damage, cause without friends noone will take u in party ='(

    And how do you guys farm gold ?

  • nice guide


    • i farm the exactly same way !


      • Great! The guide is very helpful for me. Thanks


        • gj for efforts


          • You are a great men . I also like your advice . thank you


            • Liked for the nice guide xD


              • Thanks!!!!


                • If im low on gold I usually open dungeon browser & search for a party for the highest dungeon possible (or dungeon with loot that people really want), If your lucky something good will drop at the end and people will bid gold like crazy ( made 30 gold once just because of joining a high lvl dungeon & some armour skin dropped) It`s actually pretty effective


                  • thanks your advice is really useful