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    So yeah new Doom came out!
    I played it since yesterday and multiplayer feels like quake, unfortunatly no rocket jumps =(
    Anyway i hope that Doom multiplayer will be famous and maybe gets to competitve level cause it looks really promising :3
    Single player forces you to be killing mashine and makes a lot of fun with meele finishing animations.
    You have to run manmode and kill demons in old good doom traditions.
    Multiplayer is awesome and has a lot of new mods like freez mode where if you or your mates die then they are frozen and must wait to be unfrozen from mates. If all players are frozen then your team wins.
    Really cool feature that you can pickup Demon rune and smash all enemys like a boss.
    There are a lot of cosmetic customizations for weapons and character.
    From weapons i really liked Combo with Lightning Gun + Super Shotgun and Teleport

    And what are your first impressions about this game ?
    If you like doom or quake / ut or scifi shooter then it must have for you :P

    Btw dont buy on steam you can get it cheaper here
    HTML Code:
    and yeah i was already thinking about aimbot for doom xD

    if you need to skip intros here are startup options:
    +com_skipIntroVideo 1 +menu_advanced_AllowAllSettings 1 +set m_smooth 0 +com_skipKeyPressOnLoadScreens 1

  • Looks awesome can't wait to get off work and give it a try


    • i watched some videos and it looks realy awesome would like to play it


      • My friend told me that is a good game. But I never played it..


        • oh you sould at least give it a try because doom was a first one 1 person shooter