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  • I decide to write this coz in other way corki will f*ck me up, so let's begin.

    I like RPG more than other's kinds of games because... because i don't now, i just like it. Btw Diablo3 suck.

    Rumors tell us that Shepard RIP, we have new hero, and BioWare just tired of us, so they decided to kick our asses to the opposite corner of space. BioWare has confirmed that the events of the game will be far, far away galaxy Andromeda, somebody knows where it is? I don't. The developers said that the system of of combat Mass Effect: Andromeda is much better and more complex than in the previous parts. Yeah, of cooooourse, suuuuuure. I've heard that when they release ME2 and ME3. In any case, I'll wait for this game, or forget about it, and remember only in next year when BioWare decide to move the release date(2017) for the next year(2018).

    Yep, u already see that picture on corki's desctop, btw he was hoping that this game will be mmorpg. Wahahahahaha nope. Just open world like in GTA or Witcher. In this game, people from different areas will communicate in their own language and to understand themwe will need different nanoimplanty, which I hope will be inserted only in the head, and not other interesting places of our body =_=. The quality of translation will depend on the level of the implant. In any case, this cyberpunk game, so it will be a lot of interesting weapons that will help us to spray blood, oil and synthetic gut in different directions more efficiently.

    Let's start with the fact, without which no cost, no one announcement in the genre Action RPG - by comparison with the ubiquitous Diablo. As soon as there is something even remotely resembling the latest, news begin full of headlines and commentaries in the spirit of "the D3 another clone." Such attacks of November 2015 received an official comment from the head of the development team Lost Ark. He identified three main aspects that distinguish the game from Korean offspring Blizzard. Firstly, Lost Ark - a full-fledged MMORPG with a huge world and mass occupations peculiar to this genre. Secondly, the combat system is markedly different from Diablo. At the heart of boevki Lost Ark is action with advanced combo system. And finally - the camera - even it works on a different principle, since it is a dynamic and selects the desired angle, depending on the situation. Thus, common in Lost Ark and Diablo quite a bit.
    Well about that i can tell only one thing clone - nope, look like - yep. In breast Lost Ark beats good old Unreal Engine 3, yeah babe we knew this engine wery well ^_^. As for payment, the clear answer is not given Smilegate. In an interview with a company representative said that many users are asked to subscribe to and question the free-to-play system, as it often turns to pay-to-win. At the same time the company itself wants to avoid such a fate, and hopes to find a "reasonable alternative". I hope it will be good game(not like D3), and maybe we'll write a bot for it)

    Fable...this series of games has left a deep wound in my heart, and a smoldering fire in my can call me oldfag but I believe that the only game in the series that is worthy of attention is first Fable: The Lost Chapters, the rest was a complete failure. And now they present us new mmorpg suckin tresh. Don't play in it, don't think about it, just forget it.

    At the conference, GDC 2016 publisher Paradox Interactive announced a new game, which is now working on the studio Obsidian Entertainment. The project is called Tyranny and is a RPG in the spirit of last year's Pillars of Eternity. Pillars of Eternity was a wonderful game, so let's hope that this game will be at least as good.

  • im waiting for cyperpunk 2077
    looks really promising


    • Can't wait for ME and Cyberpunk looks interesting. I'll give Fable a try anyways because it gives me nostalgia


      • yip mass effect looks promising but gonna miss shepard