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CSGO Shifted to the right (including wallhack and menu) - On laptop

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  • Dear Staff,

    ​I have been trying to use the csgo hack however I have had a huge problem with both the menu and wall hack, for example when I am on the desktop and I load up the hack without any essence of csgo running, the menu works perfectly, no problems what so ever. However as soon as CSGO is running the hack is shifted to the right and is no longer positioned in the top left hand corner of the screen

    ​Image of hack running in csgo, as you can see here the hack is not based in the top left corner so the wallhack is shifted to the right of the person, also when you hold tab to view the menu it is invisable because its hidden on the right side of the screen because its pushed to far to the right.

    ​Image of hack running on desktop: , as you can see the hack runs fine when it is on the desktop however in game it is asque,

    ​I'm guessing that there is something that windows is doing where maybe the aspect resolution on my screen is different.

  • Hello, Seems like ur DPI is modified from defaults. Try to change it to default and restart PC.
    Here is some tutorial for u. U should set it to 100%