Alistar Q on Wukong > Yasuo starts Q animation towards Lucian > Yasuo ults Wukong > Yasuo Q animation finishes and the tornado is thrown from where he is after he ults, not where he started his animation > The now point-blank Q hits Lucian, knocking him up > Yasuo ult "catches" Lucian in mid air, applying the sustained knock-up > Yasuo ult deals damage to Wukong > Yasuo gets down from his ult with Lucian still in the air, allowing Yasuo to damage Lucian while he is stuck in Yasuo ult but Yasuo is out of his ult > Yasuo Q's Lucian > Ult damages Lucian > Yasuo autos Wukong (should have autoed Lucian ). There are two tricks, one is that he starts Q animation from his original position, then ults, then the Q comes out of his position after he has ulted, and the second is that his ult catches Lucian and applies the knock-up late so he has Lucian in his ult, but he is not locked in his ult, so Lucian is essentially stuck in mid-air but Yasuo is on the ground and can use abilities. He Q's Lucian, and could have auto'd him but auto'd Wukong.